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Reverse Grip Bench

What is the point of it? It just seems like a really awkward thing to be doing.

Im pretty sure its supposed to hit the triceps alot more.

The reverse grip bench is a legit benching position in quite a few of the powerlifting federations. I love the reverse grip as one of my shoulders gives me a bit of problems but, with the reverse grip bench my shoulders and wrists feel great and I also bench more this way as it is easier to break off my chest but that lock out is a bitch.

it works the triceps big time. i think a lot more than close grip…

Just from my personal experience, it forces you to tuck your elbows. Some people can bench more that way.

I just started doing these and I like them. They hit my triceps really well as well as my upper chest (at least that’s where I feel it). It is a bit awkward at first but I think it’s a worthwhile exercise.

Not sure about doing it on an incline tho…

I’ve used both variations (flat bench & incline) for some focused tricep work & let’s just say getting the bar off the pins from the incline bench with any appreciable weight definitely requires a liftoff from a spotter. It’s a rereshing change from close grip bench occasionally.

I find it really hits your triceps very well if using strict form & the elbows are prevented from flaring out excessively. Requires some wrist/tendon strength to do well & it can get ugly if you ramp up the weight too fast.

Maybe does not pack on the mass as well as weighted dips but it does fry your tris when done strictly. I’d keep it in the toolbox for when doing arms. Chest gets some stimulation as well.

Look around on Youtube, there are some old vids of Anthony Clark fucking up some 700+ reverse benches in an old-school closed-back 3-ply Blast shirt 15-20 years ago. He made it look easy.

Reverse grip benching is a godsend to some with chronic pec/delt injuries. While you don’t get the the big stretch-reflex off the chest that you get with a regular (which relates back to the increased pec injury potential of regualr benching), some find it easier to grind through that mid-range stricking point with a reverse grip than with a regular grip.

Set-up is critical with reverse grip. Since your elbows usually don’t lock right with this grip and the bar’s postion in your hand makes an ocean of difference, it is critical that you get a handoff with heavy weights- preferably from someone who knows what they are doing or does this for you regularly.

Thanks for the replies guys. I’m gonna give this a shot next bench session.