Reverse grip bench presses?

What do you guys think of this movement? The straight bar seems a little hard on the wrists, but with an EZ bar or dumbells it might be OK. I don’t really see or read much about this exercise. Any comments or experiences?

Although i never do reverse grip bench i have read they can be used as a substitue for close grips. I don’t do it becuase it hurts my wrists, but if it’s comfortable i think it’s cool. Doing it with dumbells sounds like a good idea.

I’ve found the grip awesome for triceps isolation. As for the wrists, mine are fine with the straight bar. I alternate them with close-grip presses.

It’s picking the bar up and getting it in position that’s the toughest on the wrists. I have a friend help me get it into position, then he leaves me on my own. That way, I get to use heavier weights without messing up my wrists. I think it’s a great way to build triceps and is worth the effort. Just let someone help you get it in place so you can focus on the actual move.

it is Anthony Clark’s preferred method of bench pressing and he did what, 740 reverse grip? Something like that. I heard that it was a gimmick though, he benches that way just for publicity, but I don’t blame him. Powerlifters need all the publicity we can get.

I’m a loner when working out, so when I set up to perform these I feel like yelling out “TIMMAY!!!”. Generally, I bring the bar up to my chest and carefully recline on my flat bench. HAven’t hurt myself yet, but yeah, they do put a lil strain on the wrists. Lata.

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