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Reverse Grip Bench Press?

The other day while at the gym I saw this guy doing almost like reverse grip bench press. Normally when you bench if you were to open your hands your fingers would point towards your head. This guy though had his hands gripping it the other way so if you opened your hands the fingers pointed to your toes. Just curious if it works differantly compared to a normal bench press or is it just a personal preferance thing?


It’s an old variation, think of it as an alternative to the narrow grip bp for your triceps. It’s best performed with an EZ-bar rather than straight and works the tris pretty well, locking the chest out the movement.

It used to be a regular of mine. Great exercise to use if you’ve got a partner/spotter – otherwise it can be a pain in the ass racking and unracking it if you’re going heavy.

The Barbarian Brothers used to use it almost exclusively. Apparently the maniacs were nailing over 500 lbs with that move.

great tricep exercise but it’s one of the few exercises i much prefer to do on the smith.

Anthony Clark held a world record with the reverse grip. He may still hold it, unfortunately, it doesn’t pass in competitions.