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Reverse Grip Bench Press

Anyone using this as an ME or assitance movement? I think I recall reading somewhere that biomechanicly its hard on the shoulders, elbows, and/or wrists. Anyone using this exercise and did it cause improvements or injuries?

We have played aroung with it a few times, but we found that there were a lot of other exercises that worked for us better. For me, it is not worth the time.

I used to use it all the time, but wrist injuries and lack of a lifting partner for a handoff make it kind of hard to do anymore. It does, however teach you how to keep your elbows tucked.

Before I tried it, I heard it was good for lower pec area. After trying it I felt it more in the triceps than anywhere else. I’d rather do dips for the lower pec area too, if it exists that is. Otherwise dips are a better exercise for pushing power and strength than RGB.