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Reverse Grip Bench and High Pull

Hey Thib, few questions.
What are your opinion on reverse grip decline bench press for someone with cranky shoulders? Also, in your minimalstic 2 exercise program, is it a good idea to replace the Zercher Squat for the Snatch grip high pull?

The snatch grip high pull is a great exercise, but in the “spirit” of the minimalist program (hitting every muscles to some extend with only two exercises) it is not adequate in my opinion because it doesn’t really hit the quads.

For ME the reverse grip bench hurt my shoulders MORE when I was having shoulder issues; but it depends on what is the source of the issue. Using a decline however will certainly decrease shoulder stress.

BUT I have never seen, much less used, a reverse grip decline bench press. I don’t even know if it’s doable. Unracking and racking the bar would be dangerous and the range of motion would be really short. I see no advantage to this movement. It sounds like something you made up… “oh, the reverse grip bench is easier on my shoulders and the decline bench is also safer for the shoulders… I’lL do reverse grip decline bench”.

It doesn’t mean that it won’t work or that it is ineffective though. I admit to never doing it so I cannot give you an opinion on how effective it is. However it really does not sound appealing to me or like something I would like to use with myself or clients.

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