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Reverse/Forward Grip


Just had a brain fart and am having trouble remembering which is which. If someone could enlighten me it would be appreciated.


Which grip (reverse or forward) is being used when I do cleans and hang cleans with both palms "over" the bar??


Oh, I was thinking of curls when I saw the title.

I don't know if this will help... but regular curls would be a suppinated (if I'm spelling it right) grip and reverse curls would be a pronated grip.

It sounds like you are describing a pronated grip.


There is a place for both types of grip when doing training to hit the muscle groups from different angles or at least it feels that way :stuck_out_tongue:

reverse grip - when your fingernails are facing you, e.g, reverse grip bench press

forward grip - the standard grip with your knuckles faing you; can also be accompanied by the "death" AKA thumbless grip when the thumbs is NOT wrapped around the bar (dangerous but exciting to watch)

neutral grip - like when you do pullups with a v-bar or rope handle attachment and your hands are facing each other

mixed grip - used by some lifters on deadlifts; one hand facing you (reverse) and the other facing away (forward)

Hope that helped.


If I am understanding your question here, the answer would be forward.



Mea culpa - that would then indeed be the "forward" grip... doing those reverse grip (hee hee) wouldn't work (that well)