Reverse Dieting

I ended a cut some time ago and have been reverse dieting since. I think I came off the cut w/ and initial 20 percent increase in carbs and fat and eliminating cardio. For about the first 4-5 weeks, I increased carbs and fat weekly by about 5 percent (my carbs are still pretty low, so it wasn’t much), with a carb load. My basic approach was carb load on the weekend, increase cals once I baselined.

I decreased my carb loading time as this went up and then went another 2-3 weeks w/ no load. Then I did a large load (for me). It took about 3 weeks to baseline back down. I’ve recently had some celebrations going on and am once again high.

Additionally, I transitioned my program to a more strength oriented approach with a decrease in volume and frequency in addition to a reset (may have gone too low). So I have less expenditures. Perhaps this will all work itself out as the weights keep going up.

My question is, how do you approach a “stall” on a reverse diet? If it were a bulk, you would just decrease the amount of intake or maybe throw in a cardio session here and there. However, the entire point of the reverse diet is to increase the intake at current levels. Not knowing what else to do, I’ve begun walking again and haven’t increased intake or anything. It seems a bit early that I would be approaching maintenance.

Current macros:
Off days
Meal 1 : 45p, 33f
Mea l 2 : 45p, 25c, 15f
Meal 3 : 45p, 33f
Meal 4 : 45p, 22c, 15f
Meal 5 : 45p, 33f

Training days
Meal 1 - 45mins pre workout: 45p, 35c, 20f
Meal 2 - (POST) : 50p, 50c
Meal 3 : 45p, 27f
Meal 4 : 45p, 28f
Meal 5 : 45p, 28f

[quote]1 Man Island wrote:
My question is, how do you approach a “stall” on a reverse diet?

Can you expand on this? The stall that is. Weight has stop going up? anything else?

Actually, just the opposite… I’m trying to bring my intake up w/ limited weight gain… basically recomping. The fact that it eventually, albeit slowly, goes back down to where I was suggests I have some room to add more calories. However, something simple like 1 extra glass of wine caused a 3 lb jump that lasted a week.