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Reverse Dieting

What’s up guys, posting here for criticism and help on my weak points. In my inexperienced opinion I feel like I need more back width, chest thickness, and side delts. Any helpful tips would be appreciated.

My training goes like this
Monday: push
Tuesday: legs/sprints
Wednesday: pull
Thursday: off
Friday: close grip bench/arms
Saturday: legs/deadlift variation

Some recent numbers I’ve hit are…
Deficit dead: 365x1
Front squat: 185x10
Squat: 345x1
Incline: 175x12
Close grip: 185x15
Row: 155x8

My macros currently are 200P, 60F, and 230C adding 5 grams of carbs each weekday. I also take 1 refeed day a week at 200P, 40F and 400C.






I am about to come off a 6 week cut at the end of this week. I am going to reverse diet and steadily add carbs back in. You and I are around the same level of leanness (although from your log I can tell you are a bit stronger than I am) and I happen to have my macros set up very similar to yours. Here is what I will be doing

Week 1
Protein: 180
Carbohydrates: 180
Fats: 63
Calories: 2007

Week 2
Protein: 180
Carbs: 220
Fats: 63
Calories: 2167

Week 3
Carbs: 260
Fats: 63
Calories: 2327

Week 4
Protein 180
Carbs: 300
Fats: 63
Calories: 2487

Anyway, I don’t have much advice to give you because I have never reverse dieted before but I think your plan looks very solid. Hopefully somebody with more experience with reverse dieting will chime in. What did your macros look like at the end of your diet? What is your height/ weight ?

My height is 6’2" I weigh 192-194 right now end of cut was 188. My macros at the end of my cut were 200 protein 60 fat 110 carb

Ok cool. I was 190 before the cut down to 177 now. I’m 6’1