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Reverse Dieting and Refeeds

Is there any reason to keep a carb refeed when I transition off of a cut and reverse diet out of it?

On 1 hand, it’s another variable to keep consistent, and does make things more pleasant. I’ve done everything from 6 hour skiploads to sensible (but large) meals consisting of salad, bread, rice, potato, lean meat, and dessert… all have worked.

On the other, I’m consistently giving my body more carbs and fat during the reverse diet than it’s used to, so it may not deplete itself like it was during the cut.

I guess you should gradually do it…slowly.

I think it would really depend on the actual amounts you’ve been ingesting up to now. I’m personally a big fan of adjusting your intake to match the demands of that day’s training, so I will always have some sort of up and downs throughout the week, whether I’m dieting or not. Even if not “dieting”, a day or higher carb intake can provide quite a few benefits.

Also, with reverse dieting, you don’t want to just suddenly jump your #s back up to pre-cutting ranges too quickly. The point is to slowly un-diet yourself, and that means that you need to give you body the necessary time to adjust to each step. If you’ve been running very low carb intakes, and you’re slightly bumping them up at this point, the weekly higher day can serve its purpose still, while you readjust.


dont do it all in once
take it gradually

the best changes and body improvements comes slow

Thanks guys,

My macros are currently

Workout days:
230p, 45c, 60f

Off days:
230p, 30c, 65f

When I cut out the refeeds, I ended up slightly entering keto for a few weeks and dropping another 5 lbs.

The plan is as follows:
skipload soon and increase training frequency
Increase fat for the week by 14%
cheat meal or 1 hour refeed
increase carbs the following week by 12% and add a HIIT session (currently not doing anything)
cheat meal or 1 hour refeed
increase carbs on workout days and fats every day at a rate of 2-5% a week (though, not sure if I should be conservative or as aggressive as possible without gaining, any opinions?) and add a HIIT session
Continue 2-5% gians, pull back on conditioning and frequency for a few weeks.

As soon as I begin seeing some strength gains, I plan on transitioning from my current hypertrophy based routine to a more strength oriented plan.

Thanks Iron,

I’ve seen the second, but missed the first.

So far, so good. I increased my carbs on WO days and fats on NWO days by about 15 percent and did a 6 hour skipload.
It took me about a week to come back down, which is a couple days longer than normal, but with the increased food, I guess this should be expected.

I’ll do another 15 percent bump in the opposite manner, with a brief refeed and see if I respond quicker, after this week.

It appears reverse dieting is popular these days… guess everyone’s done with their spring cuts?