Reverse Diet with Indigo-3G Off of Keto?

I have currently been on a keto style diet (60-65%f/30-35%p/5%c) for the past month and have noticed significant changes in my physique. Currently, I’m 5’11", 188 lbs and around 16-18% body fat, the lowest body fat percentage I’ve been. Having been overweight as a young kid, I crash-dieted for a few months when I was 14-15, dropping from 180 pounds and ~35% bf to 140 and 22%, but never lost those last few pounds.

After returning to what I perceived as ‘healthy’ eating, my high school football coaches urged me to gain weight as fast as possible. This diet was by no means healthy, I would eat pretty much anything in sight and binge without any restraint a few times a month. At my heaviest, I was 240 pounds and probably 30-35% body fat. I definitely know I am somewhat insulin resistant due to the large amounts of chronic carbohydrate intake during my youth/high school years. I plan on dropping down to 10-12% body fat with the keto diet before attempting to gain weight again.

My question is: Should I be stingy with carbohydrate intake even if I use a Indigo-3G/Plazma protocol? I know the point of using Indigo-3G is to change the physiology of the metabolism, theoretically causing a somewhat permanent shift towards increased muscle insulin sensitivity and decreased fat cell insulin sensitivity, when used for the 12 week break in period. However, should I still start with low carbs the few weeks, around 50-100g in peri-workout nutrition, and slowly increase carb intake?

I think that is a solid plan; Indigo-3G and Plazma peri workout, carefully increasing carbs over time so you can adjust as you progress.