Reverse Diet or Diet Up to Vacation Date?

I’m curious of studies and experiences in both of these scenarios.

Scenario 1 - Diet up to a vacation, then enjoy a large surplus of calories for a week.
Scenario 2 - Reverse diet to begin taking in more calories before the vacation, then enjoy the large surplus of calories for a week.

Some schools of thought suggest that you are more prone to fat storage in scenario 1, some say not necessarily the case. I’m curious of studies and experiences in both cases. Thank you for sharing.

Go #1 and enjoy your vacation

Do you eat more on vacation? I always find I’m much less interested in food when there’s so much else to do and take in…plus usually a bunch of physical activity like swimming or walking. My macro breakdown is probably far from ideal, but I feel that my calories don’t tend to be too much past maintenance.

Food is definitely a big part of my vacations. I always come back softened up, but get right back on the grind at the end. I’m more curious to make the aftermath less damaging. I’ve heard people “preparing their metabolism” by reversing up their calories before a week of a large surplus. On the other hand, dieting up until that surplus gives you a little more buffer room. I realize there may not be studies out there for this, but surely there are some with experiences in both situations?

This last April I went on vaca I was dieting right up to the day I left. I ate in a fairly big surplus(wasn’t tracking but def knew) every day including a ton of carbs(dieting at less than 100g/day and def ate well over 400g/day) I wouldn’t have normally been eating every day. We ate big meals every night. I don’t drink so at least I didn’t blow a bunch of calories on nothing. We did do a bunch of mountain biking and hiking. Came home 2lbs lighter than when i left!! :rofl:
Keep this updated. Everyone’s body will react differently to a large influx of food depending on how you were eating before you left. Sometimes you need a break to get the fire going again.
Good luck.

Interesting @s.gentz . I’ll share my experience:

I’ve never reverse dieted, brought back to maintenance calories, or calorie surplus before a vacation. I’ve dieted up to a vacation several times. The aftermath has been mixed. Typically I start out vacation not going crazy on super palatable foods. I’ll enjoy a surplus in somewhat moderation, and my weight stays stable, then goes up toward the end of vacation. I’m assuming partly because glycogen has been filled, and I get looser, and begin eating more junk toward the end. In one case I weighed myself daily on my vacation, I actually lost weight for the first 3 days, even though I was surely in a surplus. But that turned around and I gained weight the last half. It seems seems anecdotal for the most part, as if you can better prepare for metabolism simply by caloric intake.

Depending on your situation, you might be able to mitigate the effects somewhat with a little trick: before your biggest meal of each day, take 12 g of psyllium husk (for example, in the form of the product Metamucil) in about 300 ml of water.

This helps reduce hunger before you begin to indulge, and it also allegedly slows or reduces the absorption of nutrients, carrying some of them away in a gel-like mass of fibre instead.

Be aware that psyllium husk can interfere with the absorption of medications, so if you are on any, don’t take the psyllium within two hours either side of taking your medication.

As s.gentz said, do keep this updated and let us know how you get along.

its still calorie in and calorie out… there is no secret !

1 week in a years or 2 won’t make you fat. Enjoy YOUR vacation and get out of the fucking routine. Do WHATEVER you want.

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vacation = less cortisol

Rather than experience with the dieting aspect, I focus on the training portion, and will absolutely nuke myself beforehand so that I can spend the time recovering and eating well.

But also this

Probably not a big deal either way. But if you’ve always done scenario one why not do scenario two just to see how it treats you? At least you’ll have some anecdotal evidence moving forward. Obviously this is “risky” if you’re determined to be as shredded as possible before. But in the grand scheme this is majoring in the minors.