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Reverse Diet Bloating


Finished diet @145lb 150c 45f 215p. nice & lean. cardio at 3x week 30min each. Diet was roughly 18-20 weeks.

Week 1: bumped carbs each day by 5g for 4 days. so went up to 170c. Cardio still 30 min. lost 1.5lb despite adding carbs. Metabolism is picking up fast. after each meal, i dont get distented stomach like i used to. flat stomach all day. Awesome.

Week 2: Bumped carbs over 4 days up to 190c. Eveything still good. Cut each cardio session beginning of this week to 25 min. Metabolism fast, no bloating.

Friday Night & Sat. Night, cheated on some tasty carbs. bloat n cheating hit me sunday afternoon.

Week 3(this past week), i stayed on 25 min cardio each session and stayed on 190c. each day the bloat reduced, but im still bloated today and metabolism slow the whole week, from morning to night, from breakfast, stomach stays distented n bloated till morning. stayed on diet n just clean foods like always do. WHICH DID NOT HAPPEN THE FIRST 2 WEEKS OF REVERSE DIET.

The bloat must be water retention bc on scale iv been only 2lb over n today was back to normal weight but with bloat/water retention.

What do i do to get my metabolism fast like it was when started rev diet and also how do i get rid of bloat n stomach distention that comes from each meal n stay lean all day bc thats how it was week 1 n 2 which was freaken awesome n good feeling. more carbs n leaner. I wanna get back to reverse dieting but afraid to till back to normal with no bloat.