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Reverse Curls for Peak???


Okay, Recently there has been one of my buddies who has been all about this... He read some articles online and thinks it will help his peak.

Any Truth to this? Does anyone do this? Any Results?





LOL, yeah my response also.


Quite simply, NO.

Reverse curls don't even stress the biceps, they're a brachioradialis (primary) and brachialis (secondary) exercise. They won't do crap for your biceps.


Have you seen Ronnie Coleman do cable side curls?


Well yes... but as we both know that's not why he had insane peaks.


The brachioradialis runs up under the biceps brachii, and along with the brachialis can help to "push" up the biceps brachii which can help develop the "peak". Reverse curls when done properly will help develop both the brachiordialis and the brachialis.


the secret method to developing a peak:

get bigger


Dude you just blew the secret....now everyone will be big.


The "peak" is called good genetics. . .


I see, but notice that when he does them, his biceps peak. You don't see this in his biceps when he does other kinds of curls.


I also noticed that he said he barely has to train his arms because they grow so much. How many people do you know like that? It's his genetics that give him his shape first and foremost.


The peak is usually the result of short biceps. Ronnie's are short and once fully developed, the peak just stands out more.

Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler had huge biceps, but they were long so the peak wasn't as noticeable.


they were also....



Bump this! Fighting tiger is right.

And what the hell is everyones problem with the OP's post? Its a legitimate question. I swear it seems like most the people on this site know jack shit about lifting. If your one of them I recommend you get Arnold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. He doesn't do dead lifts and pull ups for his biceps you jackasses.

Now with my rant aside. I notice my biceps get a better peak with preacher curls. If I go and do anything else I lose it right away. I do reverse curls more for my forearms.


yeah the brachialis wedges the biceps brachi between itself and the deltoid, giving it nowhere to go but up


Muscle shape is genetically determined. Exercise selection will affect the seperate muscles in your arms differently. The bracchialis and the bicpes are 2 distint muscles, but both have some effect on your upper arm. I used to train bi's with damn heavy BB curls and DB curls. THey looks big, full, and LONG. When I hurt my wrists years ago, I swicthed exercises, incline DBs, conc DBs, and a lot more HAMMERS (which hit bracchialis more). Suddenly I thought my peaks looked better......... did they change shape?! of course not, I improved my Bracchialis development, and most likely lost some side in my bis.



CP often writes about reverse curls and i've seen him do them religously.



I like concentration curls the way Arnold did them in his book Modern bodybuilding. These definitly helped me a lot.


I feel like reverse curls don't help that much with peak building but do a great deal for upper forearm thickness and detail.

A lot of people say that the "peak" is genetic. I'm pretty sure that when your biceps peak is genetic, but if you get them big enough, eventually they'll develop the peaked shape. So there's not much strategy to forming a peak other than building bigger biceps.

Of course, this is where the genius of CT comes in. In order to make your bicep huge, you need to attack all the heads of the bicep. So in order to get the size you need to build a peak you should do 3 different types of exercises every time you train your biceps

1) A Wide Grip Curl or a Dumbbell Curl with Supination

2) A Close Grip Curl or a Dumbbell Hammer Curl

3) A Reverse Grip Curl or a Zottman Dumbbell Curl

And of course your arms won't grow if you don't train your grip. But that isn't a problem with all the pull-ups, shrugs*, rows, and Captain of Crushers you've been doing.

*If you're not doing some type of shrug and you're trying to peak your bicep, may god have mercy on your soul.


Do deadlifts count? I'd say that deads place easily as much (more in fact) stress on the biceps as elbow stabilizers, as well as building traps as effectively (once again more actually) than shrugs. :wink: