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Reverse Crunch Vs. Crunch


Forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand how a reverse crunch significantly differs from a regular crunch. After all, in the completed position are they not virtually the same? Wouldn't the reverse crunch too have the ribcage pulling effect that you spoke of in your shoulder savers letter?

Again, I am looking to keep my abs in great shape, but certainly not at the expense of my shoulder. What about hanging reverse crunches - same thing?




regular crunches place more emphasis on your upper abs with little involvement of your lowers. But reverse style works all equally (more or less i guess) - you may feel more of a burn in your lower abs from reverse style if your not used it. ct has an ab article in authors archive that will expand on this as well.

i feel hanging reverse crunches more in my hip flexors and just a little in lower abs. but that's just me. i dont like it as an ab movement.


Crunches work the rectus well, as does any attempt to resist spinal extension. Reverse crunches don't work the lower abs because there isn't such a thing. It does work the external obliques along with the rectus because this is the muscle that posteriorly tilts the pelvis, or resists anterior tilt.