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Reverse Car



You have to watch it for a bit to work out what's going on.


hahahaha thats awesome, must be hard to drive with 4 wheel steering, though.


i want one.


That's a T-Man's car if there ever was one. HA !


yeah, with the jeep liberty coming in second and the volkswagon jetta in a close third.


I preferr this incarnation of 4wd steering:


fully independent stering (with 4 differentials), so you can turn all 4 wheels any way you want,
2 (new) hemi engines

lots of wheel travel and clearance, etc.

But seriously, people (mostly off roaders) have been doing the 4 wheel stering thing for a while, put a front axle in the back with a steering wheel and its done...

Chevy even offered something like that (Quadrasteer) in their trucks for a while.


I had a Prelude V-Tec 2.2 with 4WS several years ago. Subtle rear steering but it handled and cornered so well.