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Reverse Bench Press




That's gonna leave a mark


LOL Always funny to see that happen.


That sucks!


Did anyone else notice that there was actually very little distance between the guys chest and his hands?

People who overlook the natural advantages in terms of mechanics that some have over others in this movement are truly blind.

Oh...and I hope the guy was not hurt.


At 6'2, I know what ya mean. It's amazing watching the difference in leverages. I train a guy who is 6'7, and I work with a guy who is 5'9, the differences are critical.


Zeb, not sure why you're pointing this out? People have different natural abilities in everything, especially sport. Saying that he has a biomechanical advantage because of the shorter arms is like pointing out that the top-level olympic sprinters have a God-given advantage because of their composition of mostly fast-twitch muscle fiber: ie, entirely accurate, but not all that helpful.


man...I feel sorry for that guy.


ok, I have a related question. I'm sometimes asked to spot a benchpress. Sometimes by people a lot bigger than me.
This is just someone in the gym asking for a spot. It's not that I'm spotting on meets or something.

As a spotter, what can I expect? Am I only supposed to assist if he can't push the bar up anymore? Or am I expected the catch the falling bar if he collapses under the weight?


I probably should have explained. But most who know me and the position that I have taken regarding the Bench Press already know and I didn't want to bring it up yet again.

Simply put the Bench Press is not really a good movement for everyone. In particularly those with long arms and a more shallow chest (Odd but those are the ones who think they will benefit the most, and in reality the benefit the least). With those folks it becomes a "shoulder grinder" as the leverages are horrible.

I could go on ....but that's why I mention it.


Out of all of that video, I would have to express that the best part of it wasn't the weight deflating the guy's stomach, but the 10-15 people racing to get the bar off of it.

~Would you roll, Ms. Beauregarde onto the boat, to the juicing room immediately. OK?

~The juicing room? What's that going to do her, there?

~It will squeeze her like a little pimple, to get all of the juice out.


Maybe my eyes aren't seeing it properly, but it kinda looked like he never had control of that bar.



I have seen that a bunch of times, and I'm still trying to figure out what the hell happened. It looks like he just lets go of the bar.


According to another site that guy actually came back in the same meet to bench the weight and got it. I can't remember the site at the moment, it has heaps of other lifting vids too. I will post the link when I can find it.


I can't pinpoint it either, but I think it's what you said, he just never had control from the get go.


Yeah, always funny to see a few hundred pounds land on a guy while hes laying on his back. Moron.


Wasn't there a sickening crack as he dropped the weight on himself ? Did he really come back and lift in the same session ?



That's what I said when I saw that. Possibly the worst missed lift I've seen.

IMO he shouldn't of even been lifting it, if he couldn't control the eccentric portion.


someone please find out that that guy was ok, this is very disturbing. What kind of spotting was that? How much weight is that?


Torn shirt?