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Reverse Bench for Triceps?


Just wanted to know from fellow posters if they include this exercise into their program... I'm referring to the reverse grip bench press for triceps work.

Anybody getting good results from it? I found it really torches my tris and chest (to some degree)as well as my anterior delts.

Now my question is: Why is my reverse grip bench (235 lbs) better than my normal bench press (225 :frowning: ?)

Hope to hear from other T-Nation posters on this.


i'm using the reverse grip bench every second or third tricep workout. i include one press movement for my tris every workout and i alternate between dips, close grip, and reverse grip. i really like the reverse grip. i think it works the tris really well. that is pretty strange that you can reverse grip more than you can regular bench but everybody is built differently and your body may be better suited to reverse grip benching. how long have you been using the reverse grip? how far apart is your grip compared to your grip on your normal bench.


i just started doing the rvrs. grip bench today. felt a little awkward, but it was my first time trying these. i plan on doing them for the next few weeks. ill let you know later how theyre working out.


I've used it as the primary pressing exercise in a few routines. I consider it as an option to a close-grip bench. A wicked tri-dominant presing move. I usually use the same grip I'd use for a regular barbell curl (index fingers right where the knurling meets the smooth part).

The late Anthony Clark was a huge advocate of the reverse grip, and used it in most competitions, if I'm not mistaken. He'd used it for over 700-pounds, so, I'm not surprised that your reverse is higher than your standard bench.


Current bench monster Ryan Kennelly-with triceps which are out of this world-is a big proponent of these in his book-which is an excellent book on benching and well worth the $15 dollar cover price. Ryan prefers to do these inside a power rack with the bar 10" off his chest. I am as tall as Ryan-6'2.5", and I find these really smoke the triceps. The reason you can do more on this than a regular bench probably has to do with you having weak delts. In a regular bench where do you stick? If you stick over your face-your delts are strong and if you stick off the chest and the bar heads towards your feet your triceps are weak.


I dunno, I tried them for about a month as an alternative to close-grips, found that they were real rough on the wrists and that outweighed the positives of doing them.


Maybe you're just so used to that movement compared to the flat bench that your body has adapted to it.


If you want to build huge lockout strength, and kick your triceps into some growth, board work is WAY beter than reverse grip BP. Reverse grip BP is a great exercise for the day after you normally BP, just some light work to improve recovery. Go no higher than 80% of you work sets the previous day. 60% is a good place to start. Also it makes a good movement for a Bill Starr "light" day. Take your time learning the groove on this, and use a spotter or have an excellent dentist.


You're using your triceps more...


i dont believe that reverse grip bench is harder on tris. i think you're lowering it to a different spot or your tucking your elbows more or something else.


Do you have a gut? With a reverse grip, where are you bringing the bar. If you are bringing the bar to your top ab, you are changing your bench press mechanics probably to a position where you have a mechanical advantage.