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Reverse Band Set Up In Half Rack


So the gym I go to only has a half rack and I would like to do reverse band work. Is there a good way to set up reverse bands in a half rack without it being dangerous or overly complicated?



I hope someone replies to this because I have a half rack at home and also wish to do such things eventually.


For deadlifts I've seen someone here use the safety bars as the 'top' of the rack for the bands. He placed the bars at the desired height that for the band tension and used that set-up. I know that sounds abstract, but it is hard to explain without a picture. I'm sure the same could be used for squats.

For squats you could take the safety bars from another half rack and have two pairs; one for the bands, the other for actual safety.

I hope that this helps.


Find a new gym dude.


I know exactly what you're talking about, but there's another problem: there's only one half rack. So I'm kinda fucked for right now. And I can't go to another gym until I go back to work, which won't be another couple of weeks because of an ankle injury.



If you know you can handle the weight (not going to failure) just place the safety bars above the j-hooks. Have a picture of the half rack? Can you not just choke them over the top of the rack?



Would this work, or am I failing to see the problem?


I was considering choking them over the top of the rack, but there's pullup handles in the way and the bands + the bar would be almost right up against the posts of the rack (do you get what I'm saying?) Basically what I mean is that with my bench set up, I would have to pull the bar out pretty far in front of the j-hooks and the bands would be on a pretty steep angle. So I'm not sure if that would throw off the effects of the bands or what.



I think that it might work. It looks like this guy is doing it in a half rack.



Make/model of your rack? I think that you should be good, I can't imagine how it wouldn't, but idk what the rack looks like.


It's a Hammer Strength.




You may be able to slide several 2 1/2 or 5lb plates or something else of similar size with a hole down the center handles so that the bands cannot slide down any more. Chances are, the bands will not slide since the chin handles are not powder coated.

Hows this for a visual? haha http://www.google.com/imgres?q=child+toy+ring+stack&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1024&bih=499&tbm=isch&tbnid=JNZ881zE6ITtZM:&imgrefurl=http://www.urbanmoms.ca/cool_products/2006/11/the-joy-of-toys.html&docid=FjR2lAvSGQZzdM&imgurl=http://www.urbanmoms.ca/photos/uncategorized/fp_stack_rings.jpg&w=629&h=750&ei=MYrQTvqAIszFsQLsq4HKDg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=286&vpy=101&dur=1329&hovh=245&hovw=206&tx=116&ty=126&sig=102928621325795867877&page=1&tbnh=88&tbnw=84&start=0&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0


Also, I keep thinking about adding an extension to the chin up bar. If you can find some metal piping (ie. cast iron) and just slide it over the handle.

I would even go so far as trying some thick (3"+) PVC pipe, but I'm cheap... Try it without your body under it first, though. Plus, you can then use them for thick grip chins and foam rolling too, haha


Alright, sounds like a plan. Thanks for all your help.



Also, if my bench is 275, would light bands be the best option? I'm ordering some bands from Elite and d I'm not sure which tension would be best.



Here's an idea and it kind of replicates the use of a benchshirt better than a regular rev band. I hope I articulate this well.

First set the spot pins kind of high in that rack, towards the top.( I'm describing this using the picture of that 1/2 rack that was posted earlier) Then using doubled mini bands or monster minis rig it up on the spot pins as if you were doing speed benching only upside down. It should be band around bar sleeve, up over the spot pin and back around the bar sleeve. Don't put the bands on the bar because they will end up on the bar onm the spot where the j hooks will touch the bar and cut your bands! You may have to use a 2.5 plate to act as a big ass washer to keep the bands on the sleeves if the angle from the spot pins to the bar is large. You'll be able to vary the weight taken off by the bands by moving the spot pins up and down. I like to rig them so that they take off weight at the bottom and are completely slack mid way up the lift. To me this better mimics the way a bench shirt works.

Another option is to simply choke the bands around the spot pins several times to shorten them. You could also just buy the EFS SHORT bands. Either way, it will replicate a regular rev band without having to attach then to something 7-8' in the air. I would get a set of bands from average on down if I were you so that you can have some flexibility. They are cheap and are good to have anyways.


I think that it might work. It looks like this guy is doing it in a half rack.


Yeah that's me in a half rack. My gym has a few half racks so I just take an extra pair of safeties and put them up high enough so the bands can get tension at the right spot. Not hard at all. I personally love half racks for benching... feels a lot safer than not having the rails their to stop the weight from crushing your head. lol.


Haha I was the one to comment on your video. Small world.



lol. yeah I thought it was pretty cool to stumble across one of my own videos.