Reverse Band Deadlifts to Avoid Low Back Pain?

I recently have hit numbers on my deadlift that make it painful to get the weight moving without pain in the lower back, (bulging disc related), would reverse banding serve as a full time training tool, or would it be considered a crutch? also, would training from a deficit be more helpful in sucking it up and overcoming this?

Don’t train through painful ROM if your have a bulging disc. Squat University has an excellent article on bulging discs, diagnosing movement issues and how to address them.


Just read the article, what stood out to me is the fact that it said how common it is for a bulging disc to not be symptomatic. my back was relatively stable until my deads got over 400 lbs. so basically I wouldn’t think its necessarily a ROM issue, but a lack of stability, form ect.

Do you deadlift with a rounded back? If so, consider fixing that. If you can’t set up for conventional with a neutral spine then try sumo. A 500lb deadlift isn’t worth breaking your back.

no rounding, if anything I suspect its bracing or not enough glute drive. I was thinking the reverse banding would help make this cues more obvious, I will try that next workout. overall my back has improved with training, I just want to take the precautions before another flair up, and God forbid, sciatica.

sumo is a good tip, I wont take a crazy wide stance, but go a little wider than shoulder width and see if I can overload with less pain. Thanks!

post a video

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