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Reverse Band Bench, How Much Help?


Sorry for all the newb questions,

but I was doing reverse band bench w/ a micro mini the other day, and did 275, does anyone know how much those bands would take away? Im guessing it was 245 at the bottom, and 270 at the top.


I looked at elitefts.com where I bought them, and they say, 'These bands adds approximately 30lb to the top of the bench press. (one doubled band per side)." My bands were choked, not doubled, so maybe they only give me 15 lbs.?


You can look up how much tension they provide. I believe they give numbers (like you found on elite) on top and bottom. However it all depends on your travel distance. If you have short arms and I have long arms, the tension will be more for me at the top of my bench then yours.

It's a "cool thing to know" but really you shouldn't get hung up on trying to figure this out.


Second that. Don't get too hung up on the numbers. Get a good ballpark figure.

one way to do that is the way I do it--load a bar onto some bands (make sure it hangs about level), then slip on weights until it hits the desired height from the floor/bench/or pins. Record the total weight on the bar. That's how much the bands take off.

Example--suspending my average and my light bands from the power rack in their accustomed spot, it takes about 150 lbs to reach the floor. So when I do reverse band deadlifts, I know the bands take off about 150 lbs at the bottom.


I have fairly long arms. And yea, it shouldnt really matter, but I wanna go for a 1RM soon, and am trying to figure out what to shoot for.


Work with the bands for 3-4 weeks (depending on how often you bench, but if once a week 3-4wks) and find how things go.

I used bands a few months ago to help my 1RM. Used the mini bands (red in color) and was getting about 255-265 for 3-5 reps which WITHOUT the bands I can hit for 6-8 reps. Granted everyone is different but it just takes some playing with to figure out.

They are fun and a great tool to help out.


reverse band presses have the same effect as a bench shirt as the weight is less off the chest and more at the top end, so i think you were right with it being 245 off your chest and about 270 at the top.