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Reverse Band Bench as an Accessory?


your thoughts?


I really like them. I have really enjoyed doing them with low rest intervals bodybuilder style as i feel they help my conditioning on the bench, and they are not as hard on your tendons as boards or other straight weight/accomodating resistance lifts. I like them as an assistance exercise too, but for the lockout specifically. The way i am thinking of them here is more for volume and low rest.


i use them to further my strength training. i use my last set and add 10 lbs and hammer out as many as possible.


I do em as a ME lift. Works for me. Gives my joints a break while still moving heavy weight.


I use them for both, using both my competition grip and close grip. I really like the way they hammer my tri's, especially when using closegrip for reps. Try throwing on a few sets of chains when doing them, your lockout gets smoked.


Reverse bands are great. They can be used in a lot of ways to hit a lot of different areas.

I personally prefer to use them two ways:

Hit super heavy weight (above 100% 1RM) and work up to as heavy a single as i can. You can use any % scheme you want. 5x3x1, or any periodization that just adjusts to your reverse band 1RM. It is great work and a fun change of pace to throw on 50 more lbs to your standard 1RM and be able to hit it for reps. I usually run it for 4 weeks twice a year just to have something different but still challenging.

Another way i like to use it is as a prehab work. I saw it on one of Louie Simmons Westside DVDs. Simply hook it up with 135 and hit for 100 reps. I usually hit that about 4 times a year and is great for an off day where you want to do something in the gym but maybe want to try something different or help your body heal up or prevent injuries.

As an accessory move, board press with reverse bands. it takes a couple dozen lbs of tension and doesnt let you gain all that early momentum from their elasticity at your chest. You can probably do about the same weight off two boards as you can with none because of the starting tension difference. The real kick is that with the boards, the majority of power is generated out of your triceps and not your chest, so it really pushes their development through lockout, whether or not you use a shirt.


dwfox... boards with reverse bands...imma try that, sounds painfully fun.


Yeah buddy. You can work real real heavy for multiples. Get heavy, and remember keep the tension bc you will be working so heavy that the weight will splatter you if you fuck around with it. And you will be surprised at how quickly you can stack on weight once you get comfortable with the technique.


Shawn Frankl has me do close grip reverse band board work for triceps every week (raw lifter). Yes, I am name dropping.


tried it tonight, damn nice barely can lift arms to type.

ajweins...names mean nothing to me.