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Revers Hyperextensions

Hello. I want add reverse hyperextensions to my workout but my gym doesn’t have a reverse hyperextension machine. Does anyone have an idea how to do them without the machine and be able to add weight?

I use an adjustable situp bench, it only sits about3.5 feet off the ground so i steal a step from the aerobics class and for weight, use the old leg curl method in which you put a dumbell between your feet and have a good spotter.

I put a swiss ball on top of a flat bench inside a squat rack(home gym for these)and hold on to the railings, alternating legs each rep, tightning my tva during the concentric , I flex the knee then extend the hip. I do these for a warmup without any resistance, but I suppose you could add ankle weights.
Just letting your legs hang down after the set(providing your feet don’t touch the ground) provides a nice stretch for your lower back.

If you have a standard back extension set up in your gym, you can use that. Just turn around and hold the part where your feet go, and put your chest on the pad. Then let your feet hang down. You can start off with higher reps and just do bodyweight. Then you can add ankle weights for more resistance.

It’s not the same as the machine, but it’s a nice variation that works fairly well.