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Reverend X


Its The Prof's trusted religious leader....and brother...

Repeat it after me, bitch. I come in the name of Jesus, ruler of heaven and earth and every goddamn thang in between......mothafucka

watchuknowboutthelord, House Nigga.




Are ya laughin, BIOTCH?


Do you watch Tosh.0 Ct? He had this guy on a while back for a web redemption and it was pretty funny.


Mothfucka, I aint lookin for you


This reminds me of something.

If you ever go to the Phoenix, go talk to a friar at St. Mary's Basilica. He's got two teeth, and is cross eyed. The man is fucking hilarious.


You misquoted him. It's "ruler of heaven and earf."


Shut you Goddamn ass up!


lol, I love Cbus because there's a guy this like this on every coner.


giving you more of what you hopin fo!!!!!!!!!


WTF is Cbus?


Columbus, you stupid bitch.


Crucify my blessed brotha but when I find you I'm gon' get yo mothaficka!!!!!!!!


Some shit hole.


You would compete with me instead of cooperating....its cool, though.

Y'all maffacas can't see me.


Oh, sorry.


CBus iz da Columbus, ya fuckin trick-azz mutha fuckah!!


Rock is off his rocker again. Rock, you know you should wait at least 12 hours after a feed before you start posting.



I ain't playin wit yo ass. Don't come here and play wit me!!!


You fucking nikum fuckin poop! You caught me red handed! You caught me red handed.


My Goddamn ass kiss it!!!!