Revamping Training 4 Strength

right now my programs a 4 day split

mon upper
tue lower

thur lower
fri upper

upper- cuban press, overhead press, benchpress, dips, upright rows, bent-over rows
lower - deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, lunges, overhead squats, squats, gluteham raises

exercises not in order, just a list of compound movements i involve. i was looking to add in conditioning like burpees, tabata training and mountain climbers, etc, as well as some olympic lifts and bodyweight stuff.

im not sure where to place these exercises, or if i should even incorporate them at all. im also confused about possible conflicts that may arise. for example, if i add in pushups, would that mean having to cutback on the OHP and BP or change my set/rep/%1RM schemes?

id appreciate all criticisms/suggestions. thanks!

All right guy, you seem to want to do it all. While admirable, it isn’t exactly practical. The split you outlined looks like it would go good with the workout prescribed in “Triple Threat Training” which was just recently published here. Try to set some goals and figure out what you need to do to reach them. Good luck.