Revamped Squat Form

I had to make some changes to my squat form due to injuries. My goal here is to minimize pelvic tilting in the hole (which is how I wound up getting injured initially). I ghetto-rigged some squat shoes with plywood and broadened up my stance which got rid of most of the pelvic tilt but it is still somewhat present.

I assume you put the plywood in the heel of the shoe? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate for a more upright squat? I could be wrong, but I thought raised heel shoes were mainly used by Olympic Lifters, who tend to have squat with their torsos very upright.

You’re leaning forward a lot. Especially considering the heel lift, but hey, if this works for you, then awesome.

Do you do low bar or high bar squat?

As someone else said, you are leaning forward a lot, not to mention initiating the movement by leaning forward. Olympic shoes are meant to be used with a high bar squat, which allows for a more upright position.

EDIT: Didn’t notice that it shows the bar on your back at the end. I can’t really tell where the bar is on your back, but it seems to me like you could bring it up a bit higher.