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Rev Up Metabolism...Carb Cycle?

I’ve been trying to find a way to rev back up the metabolism…especially when it slowdowns after a diet. I was wondering how many of you guys have used carb cycling to speed up your metabolism and what are your thoughts?

I currently use a kind of carb cycling myself. Higher carbs on workout days with lower carbs on off days. I have noticed an increase in metabolism (however i was under eating for a few weeks before i started cycling)but this is likely to be the more calories in general I intake.

Foolishly I thought the bigger my calorie restriction was the more fat I would burn, however I now eat alot more, but just increased my activities. All of the above has helped with increasing my metabolism.

I usually just hit a chinese buffet and pig out a few times if i want to up my metabolism. Then I go to the track and do some killer cardio mixing sprints with long distance, jump roping and plyometrics.

Your body doesn’t know what the fuck to think for a few days and you can really capitalize on expanding your diet and speeding up your metabolism in those days.