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Reusing Slin Pins for Hcg and Peptide Shots


I have read that many posters in this thread reuse slin pins when they do their SubQ peptide or hcg shots. How does one clean the pin after injecting a shot? Use an alcohol wipe on the pin? Also around how many times do you get use a pin?


For sub q shots I know people who have done 10-20 shots with each needle.

Clean the skin with alcohol for about 30 seconds or more. I dont think touching the needle is a good idea.


if you wipe the pin you stand a good chance of getting a microscopic fiber stuck on it.
a pin is not really smooth it has little tiny barbs on it and if you drag a thread into your skin with it then you will hurt later.

if your worried bout cleanliness,soak the pin in a bath with rubbing alcohol
and remember the alcohol itself does not kill microbes it just dries them out and kind of slows them down its actually the scrubbing that kills them.


Thank you Bonez and MaddyD. I've just seen a lot of discussion about reusing slin pins but didn't see any discussion of how to go about doing it. This makes things clearer. You vets really provide a invaluable service to this forum's readers. You guys rock!


Why bother? Pins are dirt cheap and it's not worth the risk.


Dirt cheap? I mean, yea, pins are not made of gold but using one 10 times isntead of 1 saves you ten times the money.

Any frugal person can see the upside there.
And with peptides it adds up when youre doing close to 20 injections per week, indefinitely.

What risk btw?

A tiny amount of bacteria being introduced only a few milimeters deep under the skin? This isnt an oil bolus we're talking about. The 1/20th of a milliliter of water dissipates very quickly.


Aside from saving money, I was also interested in saving time and effort. With my limited experience, I find loading slin pins to be a real bitch. And I could imagine that pinning multiple times a day with peptides with new slin pins every time would be much more of a hassle.