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Returning to Working Out After Surgery, Needing Diet Help!

Hey guys, I recently had a pretty major surgery that took me outta the weightlifting scene for a while. I had my upper and lower jaw broken and reset to correct a bad underbite, and needless to say it put a huge damper on what I was trying to do in the gym. I’ve been working out off and on now for the past 2-3 months are have really gotten serious lately about cutting down this extra bodyfat I’ve picked up over the past 6 months or so. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my main goal is to maintain as much muscle as humanly possible while going through this cut(Supplements included). Here are my stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’10
Weight: 197
Bodyfat: unsure
Goal: Drop as much fat as possible over the next 6 weeks while maintaining all the muscle I can

Here is a caloric breakdown of what I ate today(off day):
Calories: 2383
Protein: 304g
Carbs: 136g
Fat: 74g

Just a note: I fully understand Im downing way too many protein shakes atm, and need to up my carbohydrates(though I’m not sure how much on an off day). I just dont know how to go about doing this, and how fast I need to make the change.

Here is an example of my breakdown during a workout day:
Calories: 2945
Protein: 320g
Carbs: 226g
Fat: 89g