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Returning To The Springs!!!


Hello all. I'm a Soldier currently deployed to Iraq. It's been a very long, often difficult 15 months out here, and in 17 days, I'll finally be making my way home to Colorado Springs. Just wanted to get some ideas as to what I should spend my first few days doing. Thanks in advance.


Id say enjoy yourself. Youve earned it.


Beast- safe trip home, bro. I got back in July, and my advice: don't schedule anything! Take leave, find whatever you do that completely relaxes you, and do that. Take as much time off as possible and spend it on yourself(if you are married/in a relationship, that of course includes your mate).

You've been on Uncle Sugar's clock for 15 months, spend some time on yours now. The Green Machine will still be there when you come back.


My advice is to start drinking heavily. Listen to me, I'm pre-med. I know what I'm talking about.

If that's not your thing, that's cool. Just think of one thing you really, really want to do, and do it. That's an order!

Hey, Biotest HQ is in the same town. Maybe they could roll out the red carpet and show you around. TC? Mod? Anyone? Bueller?


I'm going o 2nd this and also say that you should definitely get outside if there are any warm days left when you get back--get to the mountains, hike around, camp, see the Cont. Divide, whatever. It Colorado and they've got some of the most amazing scenery ever...always helps me recharge to just get away from people and head out into nature. Of course if you've lived in the Springs before for a while or if hiking isn't your thing then just relax and find your 'silver bullet' for destressing.

Stay safe for the next 17 days man.


Congrats and thank you for your service.


Good for you bro. I'm actually on my way back to the Sandbox sometime in '08 myself.

My suggestion is to schedule nothing at all. Sleep as late as you want, watch all the tv you want and pig out as much as you want. I did that back in '05 when I got home from Iraq, and it felt amazing to "decompress". After all, you've earned it! Have as much sex as you want too! I was single when I got home, and I went on a tear for the first few months. (I'm no stud, not trying to brag or anything, just stating what I did.)

Nice Bradley in your pic too! I wish I could fire a 25MM in action sometime, but alas, I'm only a wimpy combat engineer :frowning:


I got back in '04 and looking to head back out in '09.

First thing I did when I got back was take my girlfriend out to our favorite restaurant. But then for some "me" time, I went on leave and went skydiving a few times.


Get laid, man.

Thanks for serving our country.



Thanks for the recommendations, all. I know three things off the top of my head that I will be doing. The incline will be the first thing I do, then I want to go horseback riding for the first time ever. Always looked interesting. I imagine pictures of it will look like a big ass gorilla on top of a pony! Then lastly, or I should say before I even walk out of the welcome home ceremony, will be a shot (or several) of tequila! For those of you getting ready to come back out here, I tip my hat to you. I'll probably be back out here in '09 sometime.


Thank you for serving this country.


[quote]Beast27195 wrote:
I want to go horseback riding for the first time ever. Always looked interesting. I imagine pictures of it will look like a big ass gorilla on top of a pony![quote]

Dude, post pics of yourself on the smallest horse they'll let you ride!


Having sex and taking showers.


I imagine it feels somewhat like being incarcerated, so I would say, sleep,girls,family,Broncos game. I would also like to reiterate what others have said. This goes to the OP and all the other guys who serve this country and I know there are a lot on here. I'm sure you get tired of hearing it,like yeah, yeah, it's just my job, whatever, but I don't get tired of saying it. THANK YOU