Returning to the Mats (Free-Style/Greco Wrestling)

A quick background about myself and wrestling. I have been Officiating the sport for the last 7 years and have finally reached National Status, which was a bit surprising based on my rough year. This year at the University HS invitational, the University Coaches asked me to come step back onto the mat to help their 120kg train.

Starting January I will be with the team Full time beating up on the younger guys. Ahhahaha got to love it.

Training till then will be 5 days a week with a 6th day every three weeks till January. Once in January I will be training 5 days a week and be on the mat two days a week till their seaskn is done.


4" Box Squat
135@ 2 Roundsx 3 minutes

Seated Lat Pulls
60@ 2R x 3Mins

2 Rounds of 3 minutes



Monday: Squat
Tuesday: Bench
Wednesday: Cleans
Thursday: Shoulder Press
Saturday: Heavy Cardio/ Abs

Main Lifts will start at - 5x5
Every week add 5lbs for upper and 10lbs for lower

Assistants will start ay 2 rounds for 3 minutes straight.
And will add weight and rounds accordingly

Oooooh interesting. I’ll be following along big fella.

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Shoulder Press

Landmine rotations
25@ 2 Rounds x 3 Minutes-This was hell

15@ 2Rx3M


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Getting back at it as the last two weeks have been crazy busy for wrestling officiating.

A bit of a change up for the lay out as I have to slightly change things, to work around my sleeping scheduale.

Going to be doing WSBB and my Fun Time will be all AMRAP for assistance work.
ME Bench

Main Assistance - Will be switching this to WSBB training reps
Pull Ups -160lbs @ 30/20
Press Downs 25@ 30/20

Fun Time - will be staying AMRAP in 2 sets
Hammer Curls 20@ 20/15
Side Laterals 20@20/15
Cardio - 6 mins@5.1 mph


Good work Rob. Nice to see you still hitting 300+ bench.

Haha take it easy big guy! In for the log. Always like to follow sports oriented logs


Box Squat 4" below

Main Assistance
GM 225@5×5
Bird Dogs 3x10

Fun Time
Seated Row 80x20/15
Cardio 2.5 mins@6 mph 3.5 mins@5 mph

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So jealous.

I would love to officiate - but cannot make the time.
I competed played coached well into my 30’s im 48 and needless to say broken. In my town - just above NYC I see kids in my commercial gym from teh local HS and I know the coach- a former D1 wrestler
we have lifted toghetehr and extensivly discussed training methodolgy
weigh cutting - shared war stories.- Mine are from the very early 1990s in D1 good camps against the best. sigh.
in my other life- I competed and coached and trained with NYAC in NYC
I wish I had the time - good work


It’s always fun, had to card a coach from my area.


6 mins@5.1/5.5/6 mph


Main Assistance
Pull ups -130lb@5x8
JM Press 25@5×8

Fun time
Curls 25×15/15
Shrugs 225x15/15
Cardio Incli 1 degree@ 6 mins@6 mph

Awesome! I wrestled in high school (215 pounds) and did a few open tournaments while I was in college during football offseason - I had a younger brother, so whenever I was home, I’d go to practice & roll with him (also at 215) and our heavyweight (a super nice guy and good friend of ours who went on to wrestle in college).

I honestly love the sport and would gladly wrestle some today if I had the time and could find an adult crew to train with - I know folks that do BJJ or other MMA stuff but tbh that holds no interest to me - I just want to wrestle. I admire you for making the time - with a young kid & other commitments that I already have, this would be really tough to fit in at this time.

Officiating doesn’t take a lot of time at the start for your first two years. I only did HS and provincials for Cadet/Juv. Now as a National C official, I have Senior/Junior Provincials than couple bigger tournaments a year to keep my grade.

Well, their heavyweight class has not been class for the last couple years. I figured out how to wrestle against their heavyweights and force them develop more this season. I know the cardio aspect has been a big challenge as their main heavyweight has to keep cutting weight to make 120.

Dead Lifts

Main Assistance
RDL 225@5x5
Russina twist 42.5@3x15

Fun Time
Seated Horse Handle Rows 70@20/18
Cardio 2 rounds@6 mins@6.5 mph

Tuesday or Thursday I have a lifting date with another power lifter and really nervous as I never been on a date where we are actually lifting.

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So work has changed our OT schedule which will now rotate and make it hard to get on the mats. Will try to make it out but, I guess I will be heading back to straight powerlifting training :frowning:

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and boom he’s back. Welcome back mate

Sad to be back but got to roll with what work gives me for sure. New log will start on January 13th.

500x1 - All Time PR Tied

Main Assistance
RDL 225@5×5
Side bends 45@3×10

Fun Time
Front squats 135@3×10
Seated Rope Rows 70@2×30

P.S this was my training date, with another female powerlifter. Was nervous on the DLs and was not able to get into my rage mode.


thanks for the reply.
I work a disgusting amount of hours Im barely home as it is.
But I would love to coach - work with HS team and or officiate.

As a BJJ guy who’s growing into being a wrestling fan as well, I’m looking forward to following along in 2020.

As above, work Over time and other things at the moment are stopping me from wrestling again.

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