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Returning to the iron

New member here with a serious question.After 4 year forced layoff I was medically cleared to lift again. Due to a heart condition I now have a implanted defib and only half a kidney left(cancer).I do one body part a day,30 to 40 minutes of cardio and finish with stretching.Anyone with anything close to my predicament have any tips they will be more than appreciated.

Welcome, Headknocker. Wow, that’s pretty wild. Well, I’ve had problems with heart arythmia and palpitations. Seems that stress is the main trigger for that. A really intense, over the top workout can kick it off. Docs tell me to stay hydrated as well - but don’t know what your fluid intake should be with half a kidney.

Thats not all.I also have sarcoidosis of the lungs but like I said,lifting kept me alive so I couldn’t wait to get back .i drink around a gallon of water daily plus green tea with meals. On diuretics its a must.

I concede defeat. Your sob story definitely tops mine. If the docs will let you lift, then go for it!

Not trying to sound like that,but i don’t know anyone thats had these kind of problems and continued lifting.

Sorry, Headknocker. I’ve suffered from my share of setbacks as well: asthma, congenital heart defect, depression, scoliosis of spine in 2 places, arythmia and palpitations. Plus always been skinny, suspect low T levels but docs never confirmed. So I understand how it can be a struggle. Sometimes people who have things easy in life can’t quite sympathize.

Fischer has a pacemaker and spleen abnormality. Xieliheng had a kidney transplant and is taking a pharmacy of meds. Doogie suffers from bi-polar. So there are people here who have to push through difficulties.

Thats why I joined.To see and hear how others handle lifting with their physical problems.I’m psyched that I can lift again but finding it hard to keep the ego in check and come to terms that I cant do what I used to.And thanks for responding.

Hi fellow Heart patient!

Start slow and slowly ramp up your volume/intensity over time. I follow a 4-day split(heavy lifting) with 2 days grappling as well in addition I do a lot of “energy work” in the morning.

It is your body you are old enough to know when to push or rest.

Good luck and Godspeed in your endeavors.