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Returning to The Game, Need cCcle Help


Ok so I'm a little older now and want to start back up.Iv done pleanty of cycles in the past,just want get some advice and see what you all think..I kinda feel like I may have small signs of gyno after all the years,so I want to run a low dose cycle to cut up before i get back into it all again.
This is what I can work with.. 1)test cypo 250..t-3,Clen.. Post cycle cabergoline and letrozol
My idea was this
-run the test for 6 weeks at about 400mg a week.
I know how to run the Clen and t-3 with it..

-soo main question is how should I run the (cabergoline&letrozol) during and after this cycle
Any help would be great,it's just been about 4years so it's hard to remember all
I did before,
Thanks you all..!!


Why do you see the need for the caber? Why run letro when adex is much more predictable in response, and does not run the risk of crashing your E2? Why run either for PCT? Read the stickies.