Returning to Normal

Hello Shadow! So thankful I found you bc Idk where else to turn. To shorten this the best I can here is my issue… In 2014 I was on cycle for almost 8 straight months getting ready for contest prep. (I know I over did it but at the time didn’t care) Toward the end of my cycle I was primarily running 1000MG/Test/wk and approximately 200mg/tren/eod.

I tapered these off as needed to pull my water for contest prep and tapered in Test prop to level my test out to normal production. After the contest prep was over and the victory was won it was time to get back to my normal self. I started off with two rounds of HCG 5000iu pinning every other day at common dosing. After all my goodies were out of my system I ran 100mg/clom for the first two weeks tapering off at 50mg/day for the last two. I also used exemestane as I had irritation (tingling) in my nipples. (but I am NOT prone to gyno)

So I thought my PCT was set up well and it was only a matter of time before my boys kick started… Well its now been 6 months and im still not fully functional and idk what else to do! I’ve had several blood labs done… when I first had them done my test was at a low 325. I just had another set of labs done two weeks ago and I can at least say that my test is up to 450 which is a little better. (I could give you the exact breakdown but don’t have them on me) So here’s my issue… 6 months later and im still not fully functional.

My sperm count is still low (but functional), my nipples are still tingling from time to time, I have ED issues from time to time, my energy is terrible, and my libido is in the dirt. I can say that I DO feel better than when I first started… but i’m still not back to the same! IDK what else to do but I want to get myself back to normal. I’m trying not to stress but I’ve tried everything under the sun to get my normal levels back… I’m not sure what my issue is… Prolactin?

We are trying to start a family and I would like my system to be running on a normal tank. PLEASE HELP!!! I would be more grateful than you could possibly imagine. I’ve tried everything.

well, it could be your estrogen or prolactin…

you need to get those levels identified to determine your course of action, though.

Seems like a pretty short PCT vs time on gear and dosages…