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Returning to Iron


Well, kid is back to college and I'm back to lifting. I'm about twenty pounds lighter on all my lifts, that two month layoff kind of hurt, but it felt great.

Wado Ryu is going well. I just realized that it has a simple difference from Shotokan. In Shotokan, you drive from your heels (think Olympic powerlifter). In Wado Ryu you drive from the balls of your feet (think Olympic judoka). Everything else falls into place once you make that shift. Now I just have to get my body to complete the adjustment. Balls of the feet give you more range, faster speed in some circumstances. I generate more than enough power, so I'm good with it.

But I'm returning to iron. Glad of it. Will post my lifts when I get more time (I'm in the middle of a trial again).

My old thread was:



Welcome back E!


Welcome back E. Good luck on those trials!


What are you getting sued for this time? 8*)


Welcome Back E


Good to see you back


Who's this guy? El-what?

Glad to have back.


Dang it! Glad to have YOU back!


Hey, I remember you! welcome back.


Actually, it was one of my clients. Jury was out five minutes and we won. :wink:


Made my lifts two weeks in a row. I'm now working on an alt day set of lifts, thinking of some bodyweight stuff to do after my Wado Ryu Tuesday work-out. Also have some goals. I'll get it all up when I get time and have my notes again. Figure in the next year or so I can make some real progress with my upper body. I have hopes.


E nice way to come back.
Two weeks is a great start.



Made it three weeks in a row, made it over to my dad's to help my mom give him his bath, got to watch the BYU/OU game on ESPN and caught a 4.5 mile walk with my wife.

All in all a good day.


First big challenge to my revised work-out schedule. I'll see if I'm able to meet it or not.


My dad's funeral was on Friday, but I was able to lift today. We had a lot of family in town, I ended up arranging the funeral and putting up many of the guests, dealing with the funeral home, etc. He was 77 and had been with hospice for two years on his Parkinson's disease, his passing was gentle.

I loved him.


My condolences, Elaikases.


My condolences as well.



I'm sorry for your loss, and glad his passing was easy.


Thank you. It has been a while coming, which made adjustments easier, hospice had been coming out for more than a year.

But thanks.


Got out and lifted again today. Also mowed and edged the lawn (a week of rain finally ended), put in 4.5 miles with the wife and unloaded the gravel for the chicken coop (my wife has decided to build a coop on a gravel bed).


Time for a log:

6/26 was the last lift before the break, then back on 8/22 to start again.

Base Line

350 lb/18 reps // 330/13 // 335/13 // 340/13 // 345/13 // 350/13 // 350/14 ... so down 4 reps by 9/26

350lb/10 reps // 330/12 // 335/12 // 340/12 // 345/13 // 350/13 // 350/13 ... actually +3 reps on the squeezing exercise.

Cable Fly (one handed)(first one side, then the other)
70 lb/12 rep // 50/12 // 55/12 // 57.5/12 // 65/12 // 67.5/2 // 70/12 ... back to par

Dip Machine
247.5/7 // 225/8 // 227.5/8 // 225/9 // 227.5/9 // 230/9 // 230/9 ... down, but ok.

Seated Row
(working upper back, not lats)
242.5/8 // 210/8 // 212.5/9 // 215/9 // 217.5/9 // 220/9 // 222.5/8 ... still down a lot.

Body wt dips
10 // 8 // 10 // 10 // 9 // 10 // 12 about the same, this works an already exhausted muscle, but differently at a different speed tempo. I'm pleased.

Cable Curl
160lb/9 reps // 150/8 // 155/8 // 157.5/9// 160/9 // 162.5/9 // 165/9 -- progress :wink:

Face Pull
Cable Row (a rowing exercize, with the pull a little higher)
185/9 // 160/9 // 165/9 // 167.5/9// 170/9 // 172.5/9 //175/9 -- getting close

Rotary x 4
(the four rotary exercises, two each arm, for rotator cuff rehab)
65/12 // 50/12 ........................................... 62.5/12 -- getting close

Dropped the back extension

Abdominal board (slanted sit-ups holding weights, maximum slant).
45/8 // 35/9 .......................................45/8 // 45/9 -- progress

Squats (decided to try them with the smith machine, I need some flexibility so I can hold the bar or something).
105/9 125/9 135/9

Making some progress. If I put squats at the end, I'm not so weak from the abductor/adductor exercises I can't do them. I need to make progress to real weight, but I'm still getting the feel for them.

That is where I'm at right now. Glad to be back.