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Returning to Gym

So I’m back in an area where the gyms have reopened and I’m looking to hop back on my Wendler programming. Just curious as I see a lot of posts about not hitting full boar right off the bat so would the intro week percentages be fine coupled with a few assistance exercises topped at 1-2 sets first week with some light conditioning work then go up each week by a set/volume for the assistance movements and conditioning?

Ex: (not actual set up*)

Squat 531

SLDL 2x6-8
Lunges 2x12-15 per leg

Not an expert, but why not follow an template that already programs assistance and main work and just commit to that? Training max is going to obviously be lower depending on the lay-off. And assistance work is going to vary depending on how you’re feeling.

At the end of the day, Jim’s quote basically covers everything: Start Light Progress Slow



And start easier with the assistance stuff. My thoughts are I’d rather have 3 solid workouts where I’m finding my feet and my recovery limit, than 1 killer work out which ruins the next 1 or 2.

BBB is good at this. Your assistance starts at 50% of the 85% tm and then raises over the weeks.

Biggest advice I could give is “Start Light, Progress Slow”

This especially holds true after coming off a long break of working out, as for your training max pick something you know you could do for and easy 5 and solid 8-10 reps. If you don’t know I would just take 10% off your last TM and go from there.

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