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Returning to Gear. Advice on 12 Week Cycle?

Been a little while since I’ve touched some gear and there’s always a new “science” or preferable method as the community educates themselves.

This is about what I’ve been thinking of running to start myself back slow but hopefully make some pretty substantial gains, my goal is to increase my strength and gain some lean mass not looking to go full wet bulker.

Been training seriously for 10 years
26 years old
Approx 13% BF

Intaking approx 5000cals high protein diet. will do 2g/lbs per body weight once on gear.

Week 1-6 Adrol 50mg ED ( taper up if I feel Necessary first time on adrol… maybe do 4 weeks)
Weeks 1-12 test sust 600mg/week
Weeks 1-10 deca 500mg/week

Ai: Adex .5mg E3d unless noticing strong sides

Pct: Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
Clomid: 100/100/50/50

Never actually ran the hcg route always came off clean and strong, but highly considering this cycle.

Got letro on hand as well.

Any feedback/advice is appreciated thanks

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Is there a combined synergy between these two that I don’t know about? If not, I’d pick one or the other for PCT

I mean you could use both to cover all angles I guess… but I was more or less meaning by which is everyone’s preference, which I would assume to be just the nolva.
Sorry should have layered that a little differently lol. Thanks.

I’d agree, just from personal experience

What angles? There is not such thing to be blunt. Pick the Nolva due to is more friendly nature. I always used Clomid back in the day without issue though.

If this is your goal, the cycle below doesn’t match the goal. It is pretty wet.

Perhaps wait until the sides to start the adex. How will you know which way to adjust the AI is you start with it?

I would have P5P with DECA as a minimum.

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With my diet I dint really see deca as wet, however the anadrol was just something to throw in for a burst and heard some amazing things about it… also my first thought was to run tren instead however I’ve never used it before so I just went with the deca because I know my body responds well with it. If I swapped the deca for tren do you think it would be a good choice?

Tren doesn’t really belong in the same sentence as “good choice” (at least in regards to health). What are your goals? Does it involve competing? Just trying to look good for summer? Trying to fit in to the BBer scene?

I think there are good alternatives to Tren, but none of them are as effective. The question is do you really have a good use for it. IMO, it is worth it in a few situations which usually involve BBing or strength sports at high levels. YMMV though.

Could you achieve your goal without it? Could you achieve it over a longer period using less gear and staying healthier?