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Returning to Deadlift After Back Injury

Im about to start a new program that calls for 4x 6 DLs but i havent deadlifted for awhile due to back injury. Should i work out my RMs first or start with a % of my bodyweight? Ive never used a belt before, should i now? I dont go to a homegym, is it worth investing in a trap bar?

If you’ve had back injuries I wouldn’t recommend going straight into heavy work, especially figuring out your maxes.
First week, just go with something pretty easy(say 60% BW), bang out all your sets, then increase.

Personally, I hate deadlifting with a belt, so I don’t do it.
No experience using trap bars so can’t comment

What happened with your back? How long has your layoff been? Only from DL type work or everything?

I would echo what rock said…go easy, go higher reps. Then work your way from there eventually.

I’ve only used belts when maxing, I think you would be better off not using it in your introduction back to deadlift phase but would think about adding it in when you start going a little higher.

What other exercises are you going to be throwing in there?

Im trying to drop some weight over the xmas break, program will be “Ripped & Strong” by Tony Gentilcore (its on here) - ive been receiving about 3 months of treatment for 3 prolapsed discs (L5, L4 & L3) - i still train MMA 6 days a week but havent ran or lifted weights for a over a month.

It’s a fun program. For the deadlift variation I’d opt for something like rack pulls at first and going lighter than you would have in the past. Then adding depth and weight as you get more comfortable.

High rep Bulgarian split squats SUCK. Ok well low rep ones suck too.