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Returning to Cruise Mode or TRT After First Blast - Minimising Muscle Loss

Hi Guys,

The end of my first blast approaches and I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to make the most of out my blast and minimise the muscle loss when returning to my TRT dose.


Around 17%

Current weight:
97kg (213lbs)

Weight Pre Blast:
88kg (193.6)

Blast Protocol:
500mg Test Cyp
60mg Anavar
1/4 (6.25mg Exemestane Every 3 Days)

TRT Protocol:
1/4 (6.25mg Exemestane Every 3 Days)
These were my bloods pre blast on 100mg a week TRT:

This is a Free T of 27.7 ng/dL and a T Level of 1217ng/dL


  1. I assume I haven’t gained 20lbs of muscle. How much is likely water weight that I will drop quite quickly?

  2. How do you adjust your programming post blast to minimise muscle loss?

  3. It took a few weeks for the T to kick in. Will I likely stay in “blast mode” for a couple/few weeks after I reduce the dosage?

  4. Has my body likely become less sensitive to test due to blasting for 16 weeks and will this mean I will likely need more than 100mg for my bloods to be what they were pre blast?

  5. Any other advice?

After my blasts I was always ready to start cutting right away. I usually gained too much fat, so as soon as the cycle ended, I dropped calories and started cardio to lean up, so I lost a ton of what I had put on. I think that was a mistake; keep eating, at least for maintenance, lift heavy, don’t worry about leaningup right away. I think that’s the way to hold onto what you gained.

It’ll take 4-5 weeks for the test to come down

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I agree wholeheartedly. The longer you keep the mass on the more likely it is to stick. I would taper your test down for a couple weeks and keep cals up. Hang onto mass for a good 3 months befor any kind of cut program.


Basically what the others have said. I’ve move away from bulk and cut, and just recomp slightly one way or the other.

I don’t see how the kinetics of test should have changed. The theory is that the receptors get less sensitive which is a pharmacodynamics problem. To get the same bloods you should need around the same dosage of test. Granted if you have more fat mass, you could have a bit lower levels if the compound in question distributes into fat. Also you could aromatize a bit more but both would be so minuscule in your case that there won’t be a noticeable change in my opinion.

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I think it is in part due to needing more anabolics to get to a certain size. A beginner who jumps on gains more than someone close to their genetic limit. The bigger you get the less the body wants to grow.

IMO, while doing trt and blasts, it stops making sense to keep blasting once at your genetic limit on trt. You will drop down to that size over time off of the blast (maybe a bit bigger due to aas creating more muscle fiber). I think the pros cruise dose is higher than trt in many cases, and they blast often. Additionally, if they are an ifbb pro, their genetic limit is really damn high on average.

I think this makes sense @mnben87

The question is how do you know when you are at your genetic limit?

At 6ft and 100kg (220lbs) at 17% BF I don’t think this is my genetic limit but I can’t be sure. I can’t see my lifts being close to my genetic limit either. But maybe I am wrong.

I don’t think you can really tell, unless you are definitely bigger than your limit by using PEDs. It’s going to be different for everyone depending on genetics.

You can use calculators to get a rough estimate, ffmi can give you an idea, but if you’re off on body fat, you will not get a good result. Some for sure exceed that limit naturally with good genetics. However, before exceeding it, they were probably close.

Lifts are going to be even harder to tell genetic limit on. Some people are just born to lift heavy at low weight.

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