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Returning to 5/3/1 Post 2-Week Quarantine

After a colleague of mine tested positive a couple of weeks ago for COVID-19 and my whole office got quarantined for two weeks (background here for the curious). During those fourteen days, I relied on my set of kettlebells (1x40KG, 2x32KG, 2x24KG, and 2x16KG) for strength and conditioning work.

I wound up jumping back into the Krypteia program for MMA (which I was halfway through the first week of before quarantine) this week. I started with the 3x5 week from the get go and experienced no setback with either the bench or squat. I’m chomping at the bit for next week when it’s deadlift and press for the 3x5 week.

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on my original questions on training around disruption to my lifting.

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