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Returning Hobo Needs Some (Re)Starting Advice...

I was a fitness freak, decades ago. Then about 12 years ago I came across a good paying job… but that meant I become almost completely sedentary. I tried the first year to be as active as possible, but my lifestyle gradually degraded to a point that whatever little amount of motivation burned away, and I finally gave up.

Now I am turning 41, have the time and money amassed and want to get in an improved shape, both for vanity and health. At 5’9" I am weighing a flabby 188-189, most of my beautiful muscle mass is gone, with a waist at solid 41"(+). Endurance is zero, going up a flight of stairs is enough to make me start panting. Muscle mass/strength… uhhh, what’s that?

I want to start here, on this forum, with people that have similar interests and views of fitness. My goals are simple, at least at the beginning:

  1. Lose 15 pounds.
  2. Improve endurance.
  3. Improve strength.
  4. Improve body composition.

I started by browsing the articles, got a bit overwhelmed with the amount of info I started using the search button… still overwhelmed.

Hoping a few of my fellow hobos can fling some good articles, “start using this web” advice, etc. to make my trip a bit easier.

Hope to be a productive, contributing member.


Try the beginner stickies at the top of the forum.

Careful not to dive into the complicated minutia of training too quickly.