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Returning Gear Head

I am an old gear head returning from a severe ankle injury which brought my active participation in the sport of MMA to a screaching halt. I am getting back to the grind on a serious note and am trying to the way of supps (TRIBEX 750mg & ZMA 5on 2off).

I am hitting the weights and progressively getting my MMA workouts going…but I am not sure if getting in the ring is a realistic goal…only time will tell…However, I do still like to kick ass and do want to get ripped and as big as I can…

I first am working to get back to weight of 235-240 (as I am 260 now…I have already dropped 21lbs). I am at a crossroads where I need to focus my supps and routine…oh, I am 41yo…LOL

If anyone has some input or advice?? I am all ears…I will admit that I have exposed myself recently to winvar…but am looking to go a more natural route (easier to come by…LOL)
So I am ready to rip my ass in to complete shape, any help in my program design or supps would be greatly appreciated.