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Returning Athlete - Supplements?


Hey all,

I am a former professional soccer player who is looking to get back into elite-athlete shape once again. For the past year, I have been dealing with a serious groin pull to my abs that prevented me from training (they thought it might be a hernia but thankfully it wasnt)...it hurt like hell when I ran, did abs, and just about any lifting that involves my core - in other words, training was close to non-existent.

I am back and committed to full-training mode once again now that my injury has healed and am thinking about supplementing to help me reach my goals - the question is which supplement(s)???

My goals are:
1) Lose weight - around 10 lbs (I would get down to 160lbs).
2) Get shreaded - needless to say, lose bodyfat for this one
3) Dramatically improve recover between training days -both from soccer practice and the gym.

Im 5'10, 170 lbs, probably 10-12% bf looking to get to 5-6%

Can you all recommend some supplements to me that you suggest I take that will accomplish the goals I listed. I am training 4-6 times per week. The recovery part of the equation is very important to me.

Ive tried creatine but found that it wasnt good for me b/c it made me cramp up when playing soccer matches...would like to stay away from that if I can.

Your expertise is all appreciated. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Please email me any questions.


I think there are a LOT of things you need to worry about BEFORE supplements if you want to become an elite level player again.

The vast majority of people who claim of cramping while on creatine are simply dehydrated, which is probably what you allowed to happen during your matches.


Eric - what do you have in mind for me to worry about the elite level athlete status?

Would like to talk to you and hear your insight



Can someone provide some insight...

How is HOT-ROX? Met-Rx Meal Replacement Shakes?


What you want to do is get your diet and workout in order (read John Berardi and Lonnie Lowrey for diet) before you start supplementing.


I guess I'll be the first to go against your thinking. I just don't agree with the idea of shredding yourself at this point in time. I know plenty of guys including myself that would like to get to 10% bf and you want to get to 6? I know your objectives are probably different than my own but gads man. Personally I think this would be the time to start bulking. You're way too skinny for my taste and to get down in weight will make you look like skelator when you're done.

But if you insist on shredding, I wouldnt worry about the supplements right now. Get your diet straight and get your exercise programs down. Its only then should you start to look for something to help you lean out. I bet once you got those two straight, you wont even need anything outside of a new water bottle.


Why would a soccer player need to bulk? I think that as a former elite athlete, he'd know what kind of condition he needs to get his body in better than you do.


And yet he's posting here for advice...

Is the 6% to look like you did when you played, or just because that's what you were when you played? Do you want to look like you play or actually BE able to play? Why not just do the same kind of conditioning you did when you were pro? It worked then...


I sort of agree. Elite soccer players are not bulky guys (for the simple reason that it is so incredibly hard to keep that kind of size from all that running).

That being said, I don't think you need to focus much on shredding, per se. I think with whatever running and conditioning you end up doing, it's just going to happen for you. It sounds like you may have put on some extra weight while you were recupertating from your injury? Maybe?

I would just focus on a solid lifting program on here (maybe Westside for Skinny Bastards II by Joe DeFranco) and as far as supplements go, I would think Surge would be good for you to take after lifting or any soccer training sessions, since recuperation seems to be key for you.

I'm also a soccer player, although [i]no where near[/i] your level. Strictly recreational, but I find the Surge helps quite a bit. More than anything else, just figure out a way that you are not doing legs on the day before your games. lol



Good point, graphicsMan. Honestly, just focus on your training. I played soccer-not elite but at a pretty high level. If you just get back to training at a high level, your body and bodyfat should sort itself out.