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Returning after a 9 month layoff


I am returning after a nine month layoff from lifting.Some of my ststs are: squats 575,DL 455,bench 385.All my lifts are unequipped and I do not use steriods.My best strength gains have come from using WSB.This Summer I am going to be learning the Olympic lifts.

I am 5'8 and 230lbs. I have about 15 to 17% body fat.
Question: Does anyone have any ideas about setting up WSB for the strength needed for the Olympic lift?
Example:Overhead press -vs- bench press


Structure grammar for comprehension prior to typing.


Um.... ok.

My point was, it took me four times to read your post before I understood what you were asking.
Yes, your question was about lifting (and I offer an apology for coming off as a jerk), but if you don't have the ability to put your words down in text (we can't hear you) in a legible manner, then it will be difficult to understand you.

As for your question... if it were me, since you had success with it in the past, I would use the WSB program first, to bring yourself back to a point where you feel comfortable with yourself (I would guess that you currently aren't comfortable, since you're asking for advice), then I would move on the the O-Lifts.


it's about lifting not gramm


I think we've all learned a very important lesson here: any post with "HELP!" in the title is a complete fucking write-off.