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Return to Training after Life and New Career

Hi Everyone!

After about a 7 month hiatus (due to life, as well as a gross lack of motivation), I am looking to return to a sensible training regimen that works within my current life/work situation.

I recently (7 months ago) started a new career in the steel industry as a crane operator. Besides being 12 hour shifts, it is a rotating day to night schedule with (mostly) 4 days on/ 4 days off. Lately, however, it has been 6 on/ 2 off. Also, it is fairly physical, as I’m walking an average of 25,000 steps/shift while manually banding steel bar bundles. Coupling all this with an outside light landscaping business and 3 kids, I am fairly exhausted all the time.

A little more about me.

Age: 34

Training background: several years running powerlifting style templates, with 5/3/1 being the backbone. Lately, just some body weight work.

Diet: decent, but likely lacking in overall calories. However, I tend to eat whatever on my days off…when I get them. I do supplement well; multi, extra vitamin D, Curcumin, Milk Thistle, Tart Cherry, Zinc.

Recovery: below average. Switching from days to nights has been devastating on my overall recovery, as I usually can only sleep around 5 hours.

Is anyone in similar life circumstances with experience/wisdom on training? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.