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Return to the Mat


In other news, my wife just took her first class on Tuesday. I’m incredibly excited by this.


Congrats mate!

I remember getting my blue about 6 months ago and I was thinking “Im not a blue belt!”. There are still times where I think Im not worthy, but its true what you say that the promotion does make you step up a bit more.

How often are you training now?



I was training 8x/wk from April til about November, then I tore my pec (not a major tear, but bad enough) and had to take a few months off. I’m only getting in 3-4 times a week now but I plan on ramping up soon. I’d like to compete in an IBJJF tourney this spring. Probably the Dallas Open. I’d love to be able to do the Houston Open in March but I just didn’t think I had enough time to prepare given that I just got back to hard rolling a few weeks ago. My weight would also have been an issue on that short of notice.