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Return To The Gym Post Injury


One week ago I partially tore my bicep deadlifting. The sweeling that developed in my bicep and forearm is almost gone and the bruising is beginning to fade. My question is how dangerous would it be for me to return to the gym, and do lifts that don't involve my bicep, and use light weights.


Who knows man? Ask the doctor.



I don't feel like shelling out 200 dollars just to have some guy tell me to rest, elevate and take anti-inflamatories.


Rest, elevate it, and take some anti-inflamatories. That will be $150.


Why rush into the gym and risk worsening your condition?

Take it easy.

1 month off is better than 3 months off.



I'm an MD (Internal Medicine), and managed to inflict a similar injury on myself about 10 days ago. I've taken it easy the last 10 daysdoing only bag work, light partner drills, and time on an elliptical trainer. I plan on resuming lifting shortly and will take at least 4 weeks off of any heavy pulling, farmer's walks etc. , then reassess where I am, and if I feel signficantly better I'll start to add rows and light kb snatches in, before moving on the RDLs, deads, and bb snatches and cleans. I plan to avoid doing any free rolling (maybe some light drills) for 6-8 weeks and resume grappling only when I've felt 100% for a few weeks (fighting off an armbar doesn't seem like a good idea right now).

As a rule of thumb, muscular injuries usually take several weeks to heal, tendon injuries several months, ligament injuries can take 6-9 months, and the more common biceps injuries are tears of the proximal tendon. As you said the muscle hadn't retracted, it sounds like a partial tear. Don't push it, back off when it starts to hurt, otherwise you're looking at a full tear and surgical reattachment.

Apply all disclaimers about seeing an MD in person, and the perils of electronic diagnosis here. For a more complete dx and rx, go to a sports med doc or orthopod who works with athletes local to you, get an MRI, and work with their rehab people.

Hope that helps,



Take some time to rest... Unless your 21 or younger..hahaha I had super human healing at 21 or younger...now I rest or I suffer.