Return to Gym After Back Injury

It’s not as bad as it could be but it sucks all the same. Way back this summer I was lifting and twisting with way too much concrete board at work. I wound up doing something evil to the muscles of my lower back and am just now able to sleep through the night without it waking me up. My doctor sent me to yoga for rehab and I’ve been making quick progress since.

My former routines involved a lot of stuff like deadlifts, pull-ups, clean and press and other such lifts that engage the back. I’d like some advice on how to return to the weights and some dietary advice on what to do if I cannot return for a while. I’m currently doing 90 minutes of Bikram yoga 5 days per week and walking a mile or two every day. My bodyfat has reached unacceptable levels and I would like to deal with it now wether I can lift or not.