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Return to Football, Following Injury

Hi, I hope i’m posting this in the right place. I’m a junior in high school I weigh 180 and I’m 5’9" I play guard and middle linebacker and strong side guard.

I broke my scaphoid last year and shook it off as a sprained wrist, this summer i finally got it checked out and had to get a bone graph, a vascular graph, and three pins put in.

I haven’t been able to lift upper body since june and the only leg lifting i can do are leg presses and some hamstring work. i will be getting my pins taken out on the 23 and will be able to start hitting the next day. I have lost a ton of muscle on my chest, shoulders, and arms.

I am looking for a workout/diet plan to get my strength back quickly, Can anyone help me?

Search for “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe. Follow it exactly. Eat a ton of meat.