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Return of the Valkyrie


Link to previous log (don't hurt yourself, it is only 2 pages)


EDIT: Try this one instead



It's about time !


Hi Doc.

That link didn't work, just took me to your hub.

I like the log name!


now dont disappoint me like all these other shit start fall off a cliff logs.



And YAY!!

Can't wait to see what you're up to.


Bah FAIL! Take 2 crosses fingers



to continue the conversation from last year I've tried the Sterling Chardonnay at an oyster tasting - fabulous.




Double fucking fail. sigh

I wrote out this rather epic and detailed post last night, uploaded it and poof! Into the black hole of TN it went. Seriously annoying.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by everyone. It is nice to be participating on the site again. It really helps to keep me focused on training and such. No promises that I won't vanish again Bear, but I would appreciate a poke (heh) or two if I start to become scarce.

Will post goals, stats, training details etc, later today.


regarding disappearing crap:

this happens too often so I've taken the habit of copying my longer posts to Word in case

And the current trend for no-shows is to poste naked men in your log as a lure. let us know if you prefer a different gender and/or lolcat bombing :wink:


Ok, read and I guess I'm now current...

I see I am a relative newbie here @ T-Nation.

Great attitde towards receiving gifts, btw.


Ooh, ooh that will work! I like that idea. Lolcats are always welcome but I am rather partial to photos of naked men. Although, I must say that you take some of the most beautiful photos here. :slightly_smiling:


Just chillin' today. Went out for cocktails and darts with the girlies last night. Felt good to get out and have some fun. I work too freaking much.

So, I guess I should attempt to sort of rewrite the post that disappeared the other day.

Current stats:
5? 4?
140 (fuck it all)
Around 23-24% bodyfat (BEI)

Fairy Princess Fantasyland stats:
5? 6? (obviously not gonna happen)
120 (ridiculous for my frame, 130 is probably something to shoot for)
16% (20% would thrill me and is realistic to achieve and maintain)

After looking over my previous log I see that I have definitely made some progress! I have put a little bit of solid mass on my legs and shoulders and I am much stronger. I haven?t been as consistent as I would like though. I really let my job interfere with training when things start to get crazy, then I start moving backwards progress wise and it takes me too long to get back to square one.
I do much better when I am participating here. Hence, the resurrection of the log. Plus I just fucking missed you guys!

Currently, total body 3x weekly with a different routine for each day. One week I do high rep (15), the next week (10) then 5 (this is my favorite week). Then I do a drop set week, static holds week, and 4 second counts week. That way I fuck everything up from week to week! I also do a bit of cardio, mostly HIIT but some steady state as well.

Carb cycling 50/100/150 ? one cheat meal/week (I also try to get in 300g of carbs during this meal )
Cals range between 1200- 1500/day. I know that is too low, and I am slowly increasing them (I fucked up my metabolism doing the RFL diet). Currently, at more than 1500/day I start to put on body fat like it is my fucking job! Any wisdom here would be awesome because it sucks ass.

Goals for next 3 months:
1. Stay consistent with training and nutrition
2. Keep the scale and BF moving in the right direction. 135 and 22ish% I think are good #s to strive for.

Will post some pics soon.

Have a great day everyone!


I am soooo making these for my next dinner party! If I had dinner parties that is.


Hey good to see you back!

Glad I'm not the only one still chasing body comp goals.


Doc is back!! Hell ya!! The world just hasn't been right since your hiatus ...


Yeah Doc!

Doc is back amongst the living.....life has meaning once more!


Welcome back!!!


Mim: Chasing, always chasing...let fucking catch them already!

R-Dub: Awww, thanks!

Edgy: I hope that wasn't sarcasm, cause if it was.....then no Valhalla for you buddy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Greg: Thanks man! Looking awesome BTW.

Thanks for stopping in and be sure to grab a cupcake on your way out!


Training: all 3 sets of 10 reps unless otherwise stated.

Superset 1
Leg Extension: 90/110/110
Seated crossover cable press: 30/35/35

Superset 2
Donkey Calf: 140/190/190
DB reverse fly on bench: 10/12.5/12.5
Incline DB chest fly: 20/30/30

Superset 3
Back Squat: 65/95/95 -I WILL squat bodyweight before December
Assisted Pull ups (neutral grip): 55/45/45
Pushups: 15 PR!/12/10

Superset 4
Jumping Jacks: 50/50/50
DB Lateral Raise (thumbs down): 7.5/10/10
DB bicep curl (arms tight to body/ full range of motion): 15/15/15
DB seated French press: 25/27.5/30

15min HIIT

Noms ( low carb/cal day): P 160/C 60/F 37
M1: Blueberry protein pancakes, tea
M2: 1 egg, 1/2cup whites, spinach, ff cheese and americano with H&H
M3: Protein bar
M4: green tea with lemon juice and bitters before meal, 6oz tilapia (with red hot and sriracha), broccoli, salad with balsamic.
M5: Will have casein shake with peanut butter before bed


love all the supersets!!!

do you plan them out yourself? We can borrow ideas from each other :slightly_smiling: