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Return of the Shoe?


I tried to be tactful in discerning whether this guy is the same dear sole we all know and love.


For the unenlightened: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/pictures_pics_photo_body_image_performance/what_is_my_body_fat


Thank you god thank you he's not visiting this site anymore.


if i was him i woudnt go near this site after the shoe incident.


Wow, he has just completely fucked up his endocrine system hasn't he ? Dude has been on a crazy amount of stuff for like 2-3 years now, and clearly had no idea what he was putting in himself.


he has though, created another account and posted another thread


I am sorry to report he is serving jail time for being involved in the famous shoe throwing incident on George Bush


haha LOL


You guys laugh, but that one thread over there is better than a lot of the asshattery that goes on here.


um, no


^ No. That thread is far, far worse.


EIC- this is classic!

Originally Posted by eliteballa3
well i think it has to do with adrenals to i mean cause before fixing my adrenals somewhat when ever i took dim i got opposite effet dick shrivled up etc...now when i take it my balls drop and hang and my dick gets bigger....and morning errections...when not on it balls are high up tight dick is shrivled up...What does this mean im working with han....does this mean i have problems metabolising estrogens...by the way HAN is the shit he knows his shit has gotten me about 70 percent better...things are looking up just have to keep working....I think there is some type of infection in my body thats causing all this ...i think if we get rid of the infection we can fix it but...how do we find out the internal infection...but yea just thought id share this with some of the more knowledgeable....

Totally off topic, but did you ever attempt to assess your body fat levels through the use of a sneaker?


His boyfriend seems real good literate too:

"Less not worried about the past and wondering what happened, just focus on adjusting the future."


I think I remember seeing a similar post by him on that very same forum about 2 years ago. I initially thought this was a repost.

I LOL'd at the first response.


He also asked if he could have a rice krispie treat pwo if he made them himself...


That kind of mentality should NOT be taking those kinds of drugs. He's a dimwitted sheep who probably isn't even sure of what his goals are anymore. And the advice that's being spouted? Not only borderline conjecture but DANGEROUS as well.

Scary stuff dude.


Sounds like his balls aren't so elite after all...